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At Rockwall Rapid Care, we have an exceptional team of attentive, fast-paced, detail-oriented individuals ready to provide you with the medical services you need. Our team cares deeply for their neighbors in Rockwall, TX and the surrounding communities. When you have an urgent medical need, it is the goal of everyone on our staff to help you have a quick and enjoyable experience.


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Amber Payne – Medical Assistant and Receptionist

Amber is a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant (NRCMA) with 16 years of experience. She graduated from Remington College with honors. Amber has experience in both urgent care and surgery where she assisted in the operating room and PACU. She joined Rockwall Rapid Care in 2020. Amber enjoys her involvement with show cattle and all livestock with her children. She lives in Wylie with her husband and three children.

Craig Rafferty – Medical Assistant and IV Technician

Craig graduated from the University of North Texas in 2004. He has been a licensed paramedic since 2012 and a certified firefighter since 2013. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Craig has more than a decade of experience in emergency medicine, as well as experience in concierge IV medical treatment.

Patrick Pham – Medical Assistant and IV Technician

Patrick is NREMT certified and has been working in emergency medicine and urgent care for five years. He is currently attending nursing school at Collin College and has an interest in becoming an acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP). He also works as an ER tech and lab coordinator for an ER/urgent care in Frisco, TX. Patrick is known to be polite, friendly, funny, accurate, fast, and efficient in everything he does. He is always open-minded and ready to learn new things.

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