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If you're searching for a bathroom everywhere you go and have the constant urge to urinate, you may have a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection (UTI) affects the urinary system, which includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. Sometimes called a bladder infection, this acute issue is more common in women than men. Symptoms of UTIs can include:

  • A strong urge to urinate
  • Cloudy or pink-colored urine
  • Pelvic pain
  • Passing small amounts of urine at a time
  • A burning feeling while urinating

The compassionate team at Rockwall Rapid Care provides same-day appointments and effective treatments for urinary tract infections. If you have symptoms of a UTI, get in touch with our office in Rockwall, TX to schedule an urgent care visit today.

Urinary tract infections are treated during urgent care visits at Rockwall Rapid Care. Dr. William Fieldsmith will talk with you about your symptoms and health history. A urine sample will be taken that will allow us to detect the presence of bacteria that are involved with a urinary tract infection. Because UTIs are typically bacterial infections, most simple cases can be treated with a round of antibiotics. More complicated UTIs might require a longer course of antibiotics, and pain medications can also be prescribed to ease any discomfort, like burning when you urinate. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water to help your body flush away the bacteria.

I took a good fall yesterday & needed to get some X-rays done. After calling Carenow with a 4 hr wait & Medpost no X-rays that day, I stumbled across this place. It had 5 star reviews too. I decided to go & the appt process was super easy, checking in was a breeze, ZERO WAIT TIME (huge perk), the rooms were high tech, clean, and awesome chairs. I was in & out with X-rays done in 30 min!! I am a huge fan now & I will be singing their praises as they are much deserved. Thank you to the staff for your fast & efficient work.

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Needed a sports physical at the last minute and they came to the rescue!

K.H. Google

AMAZING experience! Brought my toddler for shots & Craig did an incredible job. No tears were shed. We will be back!

R.O. Google

They were quick, friendly and knowledgeable.

J.A. Google

Got an appointment so easily and got to stay in my car the whole visit. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and listened to all of my concerns. Will definitely be going back when I need to.

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You can receive professional attention for UTIs at Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX. Our experienced team of medical professionals are experts in diagnosing and treating UTIs so you can experience relief from uncomfortable symptoms. Schedule an urgent care appointment at Rockwall Rapid Care today.

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