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Can Test Results From an On-Site Lab Come Back Quicker?

Dr. William Fieldsmith09/08/2023

When you visit an office with an on-site lab, like Rockwall Rapid Care, you can get your results sooner than if they were sent to an off-site lab.


What Health Conditions Can be Improved With IV Therapy?

Dr. William Fieldsmith08/24/2023

IV therapy provides energy boosts, enhanced focus, and improved hydration, as well as relief from migraines, fibromyalgia symptoms, and more.


How Can I Tell If I Have a Urinary Tract Infection?

Dr. William Fieldsmith06/30/2023

Urinary tract infections are somewhat common, and most people will experience them at least once in their life. But how do you know if you have a UTI?


How Will the Body Feel After NAD+ IV Therapy?

Dr. William Fieldsmith05/30/2023

NAD+ IV therapy, or regenerative therapy, can improve your health and wellness. See how our patients report results after undergoing treatment.


Learn About the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy

Dr. William Fieldsmith04/30/2023

It’s hard to ignore the many compelling reasons to consider incorporating NAD+ IV therapy into your wellness routine.


What Health Problems Can Be Diagnosed With an X-ray?

Dr. William Fieldsmith03/31/2023

Learn more about all the ways an X-ray can be used to make an informed diagnosis about your illness or injury.


Can IV Therapy Help With Muscle Soreness?

Dr. William Fieldsmith03/03/2023

Muscle soreness is a common problem among athletes after a workout. Learn about IV therapy and how this innovative treatment boosts athletic recovery.


What Are the Advantages of On-Site Labs?

Dr. William Fieldsmith01/31/2023

Schedule an appointment in Rockwall, TX to undergo on-site labs and develop your own customized treatment plan.


When Should I be Concerned About Lingering Chest Pain?

Dr. William Fieldsmith12/31/2022

If you suffer from lingering chest pain, you could be experiencing a life-threatening incident.


How Can IV Therapy Aid Your Body?

Dr. William Fieldsmith12/03/2022

Whether you need an immune boost or are trying to improve your overall wellness, we have an IV therapy designed just for you.


When Should Patients See a Doctor for Stomach Pain?

Dr. William Fieldsmith09/27/2022

How do you know when a stomachache is serious? Find the answer here, and learn when stomach pain may warrant a trip to the doctor.