What Are the Advantages of On-Site Labs?

By: Dr. William Fieldsmith


An on-site lab is ideal for patients suffering from chronic conditions who don’t want to have to leave the medical practice of their primary care provider. With an on-site lab, the risk of patient noncompliance is virtually eliminated. Plus, many diagnostic laboratory tests performed in-house are available within the hour when carried out at the point of care. 

William Fieldsmith, M.D. at Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX strives to meet the healthcare needs of each of his patients. Dr. William Fieldsmith is a board-certified physician who will gather extensive information to make a diagnosis. Common on-site labs carried out at Rockwall Rapid Care include blood tests, swabs for strep throat influenza, or COVID-19, and urine samples. Many care facilities do not have the capacity for on-site testing and must send their labs out to off-site laboratories, which can take days to obtain the results. At Rockwall Rapid Care, we quickly obtain the results which save you time and money. Plus, you won’t have to travel to an off-site location. 

Benefits of an on-site lab 

When Dr. Fieldsmith receives your test results, he can make changes to your medication or order further testing as needed. In many cases, a patient won’t require a follow-up visit because labs are carried out promptly on-site.  

  • Quick turnaround time: You don’t have to wait days for results. 
  • Cost effective: On-site labs are usually more affordable for established patients. 
  • No traveling: There is no reason to leave the office and travel to another location for labs. 
  • Saves time: You are not faced with extra travel time and waiting. 
  • Prompt diagnosis: On-site labs let Dr. Fieldsmith quickly make an accurate diagnosis, so you receive prompt treatment if you require pharmaceuticals. 
  • Greater patient engagement: You might feel more engaged when you receive prompt answers to your concerns. 
  • Behavioral Counseling Opportunities: After viewing your onsite lab results, you can receive medical advice from your doctor concerning how to manage your chronic health problems, lifestyle changes, and nutritional needs without making another visit. 

What to expect from on-site lab tests 


Most lab tests involve taking urine or blood. Common tests performed at Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX include a complete blood count, urinalysis, cholesterol screening, bacterial cultures, and Hemoglobin A1C. The tests carried out can help determine if you have strep throat, COVID-19, infections, diabetes, flu, or mono. Dr. Fieldsmith will analyze the test results to create a customized treatment plan to help meet your needs. 

At Rockwall Rapid Care, your time matters. The in-office lab testing saves you time with the state-of-the-art technologies that provide you with on-site testing, often in only 15 minutes. Dr. Fieldsmith offers a wide array of medical services to promptly meet your healthcare needs with a rapid diagnosis and treatment plan. 

With rapid on-site testing, we can achieve the following:  

  • Diagnosis for prompt treatment 
  • Monitoring of health conditions 
  • Screening to check for certain conditions 
  • Research to learn about a particular disease process 


Schedule an appointment for on-site testing in Rockwall, TX 

If you have a healthcare concern or chronic medical concern, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. William Fieldsmith to discuss your condition and undergo on-site labs. Dr. Fieldsmith will create a customized treatment plan to help meet your needs. Contact us to learn more.