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Skin and Wound Infections in Rockwall, TX

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A skin or wound injury includes a wide variety of injuries and conditions affecting the skin. These often include scrapes, cuts, punctures, rashes, burns, insect bites, and more. Some skin injuries and wounds can be treated at home; however, if your condition doesn't seem to be improving or if you suspect you might have an infection, you may want to seek out a professional medical opinion. A skin injury, rash, reaction to a spider bite, or a wound injury, like a cut or scrape, can be treated at Rockwall Rapid Care. Dr. William Fieldsmith and his team are here to help your entire family with a variety of skin injuries and wounds. Visit our Rockwall, TX clinic today.

When you visit our Rockwall, TX clinic seeking out treatment for your skin or wound injury, we'll start by examining your injury. We will ask you about your injury and other symptoms you may have. This will help give us a better understanding of your injury. We may perform some other tests utilizing our on-site laboratory to check for signs of infection. From there, we'll create a treatment plan to help your injury heal, as well as create a plan to manage any pain or discomfort you're experiencing. This could involve cleaning and stitching the injury. In some cases, we may also prescribe an antibiotic. Depending on your injury, we may ask you to follow up so we can ensure you're healing properly.

Amazing seriously just go here! My normal urgent care (texas med.) Was closed due to short staffing. I had symptoms of a severe kidney infection. Oh the irony because I educated patients in kidney failure for a job. So I looked online and signed in to go to rapid care. Best decision I could have made. 20 min. Later I arrived with my kids in tow. You pull up press a button on the intercom and someone comes out. Just as I was speaking to the tech at the window my 7yo projectile vomited ,(this is my life). She was totally fine apparently just needed to puke. It was everywhere in my car. The tech was amazing. He got me a trash bag gloves cleaner, water, and even a towel for my daughter to put on her booster seat. We joked that maybe she should be seen to. After cleaning up my one child we we're brought in, I gave my sample etc the normal stuff. They treated my kidney infection with meds. And on my way I went. They are awesome go here

C.F. Google

As a retired RN and new to Texas i was impressed by the efficiency and cost savings when i found myself needing quick and efficient care on a Saturday afternoon. I recommend giving this hidden gem a try if you’re caught on a weekend and don’t want to spend your day waiting in an overcrowded ER/ urgent care.

C.W. Yelp

Fantastic place. Highly organized with a dedicated, professional, welcoming staff. I’ve never been here before today and this will be my new go-to when I need medical assistance in a hurry.

P.H. Yelp

I took a good fall yesterday & needed to get some X-rays done. After calling Carenow with a 4 hr wait & Medpost no X-rays that day, I stumbled across this place. It had 5 star reviews too. I decided to go & the appt process was super easy, checking in was a breeze, ZERO WAIT TIME (huge perk), the rooms were high tech, clean, and awesome chairs. I was in & out with X-rays done in 30 min!! I am a huge fan now & I will be singing their praises as they are much deserved. Thank you to the staff for your fast & efficient work.

T.P. Facebook

Needed a sports physical at the last minute and they came to the rescue!

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If you have a skin injury or wound, it's wise to seek medical care, especially if it's causing you pain, showing signs of infection, or if you're having an allergic reaction. Our board-certified physician, Dr. William Fieldsmith, and his medical staff are here to diagnose and treat rashes, insect or animal bites, cuts, lacerations, and more. To promote healthy healing of your injury or wound, visit Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX.

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