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Rockwall Rapid Care offers IV nutrient therapy to boost your immune system and rehydrate your body. At our Rockwall, TX facility, Dr. William Fieldsmith and his team administer a variety of IV therapies consisting of ingredients that work to improve overall wellness, boost immunity, alleviate muscle soreness, relieve migraine headache pain, and more. If you are ready to receive functional results through IV therapy, we encourage you to contact our office in Rockwall to learn more about which IV therapy could offer you the most beneficial results.

At Rockwall Rapid Care, we provide several different IV combinations that can be tailored to your concerns and desires. At your consultation, Dr. Fieldsmith or a team member will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for IV nutrient treatments based on your issues and medical history. There are often many benefits associated with IV therapy, some of which include:

  • Better stamina and mental clarity
  • Healing of inflammation
  • More active metabolism
  • Better functioning immune system
  • Clarified, glowing skin
  • Smoother post-athletic recovery

Am I A Good Candidate For IV Therapy?

Most healthy individuals are good candidates for IV therapy at Rockwall Rapid Care. However, if you have specific health conditions such as those causing fluid retention or an existing infection, IV therapy may not be suitable for you. Generally speaking, individuals in Rockwall, TX who are seeking to enhance their overall wellness and health can utilize this treatment without complications. Should you have any queries about your suitability for IV therapy or its potential benefits for your particular health condition, feel free to reach out to us.

When you visit Rockwall Rapid Care seeking IV therapy, our team will discuss your needs to discover which IV therapy is right for you. We offer numerous IV therapy options, some of which include:

  • Just Fluid: a basic formula that rehydrates your body
  • The Immune Booster: supercharges your immune system, replenishes lost nutrients and vitamins, and increases antioxidant levels
  • Rock-Meyer's Cocktail: a modified version of the world-famous Meyer's Cocktail, this IV helps with weakness, fibromyalgia symptoms, depression, migraines, narcotic withdrawal, and more
  • Focus:  Accelerates your metabolism, aids in neurotransmission, focus and clarity while increasing energy levels.
  • The Hangover Destroyer: combats headaches, vertigo, weakness, and nausea associated with a hangover.  Our expanded version of a Banana Bag.
  • The Migraine Assassinator: designed to relieve the suffering associated with most migraine headaches
  • The Rejuvenator: relieves symptoms associated with a long workout, such as muscle cramping, soreness, and fatigue

Our team will let you know what you can expect during and after treatment, and we can also provide follow-up treatments as needed.

My boyfriend was being treated for heat exhaustion. They took us right in towards the end of day. Very caring, friendly, professional and accommodating. We had to wait a few hours while he got his IV treatment. They did everything they could to make us comfortable. We highly recommend Rockwall Rapid Care. We are permanent clients when we need urgent care.

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  • Just Fluid: $90
  • The Immune Booster: $150
  • The Jolt: $175
  • Rock-Meyer's Cocktail: $175
  • The Hangover Destroyer: $175
  • The Migraine Assassinator: $200
  • The Workout Rejuvenator: $200
  • Add-on Menu: $20 each (Decadron, any of our listed vitamins, amino acids or supplements, Reglan, Zofran, or additional normal saline can be added to your IV treatment)

At our Rockwall, TX urgent care facility, Dr. William Fieldsmith and his team provide IV nutrient therapy to people with a variety of health and wellness needs. In order to boost your immune system, improve your energy, and preserve your health, IV therapy is customized for your needs and goals. Learn more about this innovative treatment option by contacting our office.

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How much does IV therapy cost?

Your IV treatment cost might differ according to the ingredients chosen, your specific aims, and whether you want to address comprehensive wellness, post-workout recovery, skin rejuvenation, treatment of inflammation, or another concern. We also offer several add-ons to supplement your IV treatment for a small fee. When you visit Rockwall Rapid Care for your initial consult, the full price will be given along with your personalized treatment outline.

How can IV therapy improve my health and wellness?

Since IV treatment carries fluids directly into veins, it can provide minerals and nutrients while completely bypassing the digestive process. If these nutrients are consumed by the body and converted into energy for the cells, there are several benefits for an individual's overall well-being. A few ailments that could be improved with IV therapy are exhaustion, alcohol hangovers, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, soreness, chronic pain, migraines, and memory loss.

Does IV therapy have side effects?

Generally, IV treatment is a safe, efficient technique to receive nutrients, amino acids, and minerals when provided by a licensed medical expert. Dr. Fieldsmith and our Rockwall, TX team carries out extensive safety measures to guard against any risk of infection. It is possible to have some tenderness from the needle, in addition to injection site bruising or inflammation, but these after-effects usually clear up within a couple of days.