Can IV Therapy Help With Muscle Soreness?

By: Dr. William Fieldsmith


Muscle soreness is a common complaint among athletes and everyday gym-goers. Unfortunately, this pain prevents people from performing at their best or achieving their desired fitness goals. Now, intravenous (IV) therapy at Rockwall Rapid Care may be your new solution for quick and long-lasting relief. 

IV therapy delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, allowing for a more efficient absorption rate than traditional oral supplements. Rockwall Rapid Care provides custom-blended IV treatments to help relieve symptoms and improve athletic recovery in Rockwall, TX. Call now to book an appointment. 

What causes muscle soreness? 

In most cases, muscle soreness occurs as a result of intense exercise or overuse. During a workout, the body breaks down muscle fibers and builds up lactic acid, causing inflammation and pain. 

Medical professionals recommend rest and the application of heat or cold to reduce swelling, stiffness, and soreness, but these treatments do not always provide long-lasting relief. IV treatment is a more efficient way to resolve these issues. 

What is IV treatment? 

IV therapy allows for the administration of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process. This allows your body to absorb a higher concentration of nutrients compared to taking supplements in pill or capsule form. 

The best part? Nearly anyone can benefit from IV therapy. It's widely popular among athletes and those looking to stay in peak condition. Rockwall Rapid Care offers various treatments specifically designed to boost athletic recovery. 

What custom IV treatments are available? 

We may ask about your lifestyle, diet, and any conditions that prevent you from fully absorbing nutrients. 

Here are just a few of the solutions we offer for exercise-related muscle soreness in Rockwall, TX:  

  • Just Fluid: Dehydration is a common problem among athletes. This IV treatment is designed to replenish lost fluids, so you can return to peak performance faster. 
  • The Jolt: Do you need an energy boost? A pre-workout IV treatment may be what you need. The Jolt increases mental focus and energy levels so you can push through to the end. 
  • The Workout Rejuvenator: There's almost nothing worse than soreness that lasts for days after a workout. Post-exercise IV therapy reduces muscle cramps and fatigue. 

How is IV treatment performed? 

IV therapy is performed in the comfort of our clinic under the care of a professional. Rockwall Rapid Care takes every precaution to ensure all sessions are safe and comfortable. The process begins by inserting a small needle into your arm. We then slowly infuse the custom-blended solution into the IV. 

Results may be felt almost immediately, and most people experience a significant reduction in muscle soreness or fatigue within a few hours. Patients often combine their therapy with additional treatments to further enhance recovery. We can make recommendations about lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements upon request. 

Boost your athletic recovery 

Muscle soreness and fatigue don't have to derail your exercise routine in Rockwall, TX. Contact Rockwall Rapid Care now to learn more about how our personalized IV treatments can get you back in the game.