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For many of us, time spent getting fit and a good diet plan will never be adequate to diminish extra fat cells in specific parts of the physique. But there's no need to fret — this is the very reason Alma designed the Accent Prime system. Using both bipolar and unipolar mechanisms, Accent Prime destroys fat tissue while tightening and lifting the skin at the same time for a gorgeous, radiant result. Our team in Rockwall, TX is thrilled to offer Accent Prime nonsurgical body contouring for patients who wish to slenderize and tone the contours of their physique with a long-lasting, noninvasive solution. Set up an appointment at Rockwall Aesthetics today to learn more.


How does Accent Prime work?
By utilizing the proven, registered Alma system, the device warms tissues in multiple depths of the dermis, targeting adipose tissue and firming skin while preserving the external area of skin. The handpiece we use offers delicate precision and rejuvenated results.

Which body regions can be improved with nonsurgical body contouring?
Accent Prime nonsurgical body contouring can diminish fat in the stomach, flanks, hips, back, arms, upper legs, and butt. These are the places most likely to sustain excess fat tissue and be unyielding to healthy habits and working out alone.

Will my outcomes last a long time?
The majority of individuals maintain long-term results. However, nonsurgical body contouring cannot inhibit future body changes so you will want to plan to preserve your rejuvenated outcomes by staying active and healthy diet choices.

Great doctor and very fast service! Thank you!!

H.A. Google

My family and I have used this clinic several times in the past, with the most recent being for myself today. I've always gotten to see the physician with little wait, several times while being able to remain in my car. His assistant, Craig, has always been so professional and kind, and today I found out he gives a virtually painless IM injection. :) I definitely recommend!!!!

K.S. Google

I called because my allergies were acting up SO SO bad! Appt was at 530 and I was out by 6. Nurse and Dr were super nice, office was clean. Picked up Rx and I feel better already! Will definitely go back for more urgent care needs! Highly recommend 👌 Thank you Dr Filedsmith for the treatment plan. I can finally sleep tonight! I feel so much better!.

L.A. Google

Love Rockwall Aesthetics, my laser hair removal has been a great success

A.R. Google

Very quick and simple! No wait :)

C.R. Google


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