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When working to properly diagnose a patient, Dr. William Fieldsmith sometimes needs to have more information. This can usually be obtained through a blood test, urine sample, or a swab to test for COVID-19, strep throat, or influenza. Typically, these sorts of tests have to be completed at an off-site lab with the results returned to the office. However, at Rockwall Rapid Care, we have an on-site lab. We can perform those necessary tests right in our office and get the results back quickly. This saves you time, expense, and an extra trip. If you're in need of effective and efficient care, visit our Rockwall, TX clinic today.

At Rockwall Rapid Care, we offer an on-site lab for your convenience. Without having to make an extra trip to get lab work or other tests done, you can get on with your day after visiting our Rockwall, TX clinic. Benefits of taking advantage of our on-site lab include:

  • Offering a variety of tests and diagnostics
  • Saving a trip to a branch of a lab chain or another doctor’s office
  • Fast results mean quicker treatments and prescriptions
  • Dr. Fieldsmith will be aware of your results without delay

Most of our lab services will either involve taking a sample of your urine or blood. A few types of common tests include a complete blood count, cholesterol screening, Hemoglobin A1C, urinalysis, and bacterial cultures test. Through these tests, we are able to identify a range of medical conditions, including diabetes, strep throat, the flu, COVID-19, mono, urinary tract infections, and more. Dr. William Fieldsmith will utilize the findings to create a customized treatment plan to help you manage and maintain your health.

Getting a PCR test was so fast and easy; both the people I spoke to were very nice and explained everything thoroughly. Entire test did not take long and I got my results within an hour; highly recommended

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We know you're busy, and we value your time. That's why at Rockwall Rapid Care, we offer in-office lab testing. Not only does this save you some money, but it will also save you time and a few extra trips across town. Dr. Fieldsmith is proud to offer a variety of medical services at his Rockwall, TX clinic. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to provide accurate diagnoses and treatments using our on-site lab testing in as little as 15 minutes in some cases.

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