How Can IV Therapy Aid Your Body?

By: Dr. William Fieldsmith


IV therapy is one of the hottest new ways to boost your immune system, improve your overall wellness, and recover from everything from a hard workout to a hangover. Since our bodies can't always absorb enough nutrients from our diets, IV therapy is a great way to ensure your body gets what it needs to function optimally. 

At Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX, board-certified physician Dr. William Fieldsmith offers IV nutrient therapy to patients who want to feel their best and be proactive about their health. Keep reading to find out how IV therapy can benefit you. 


How does IV therapy work? 

IV therapy does involve a very thin needle. And while that may turn off some people, there's typically no pain involved in the procedure. In fact, many people describe it as less painful than a flu shot (which only involves a tiny pinch). 

This simple treatment allows you to sit back and relax for around 30 minutes while a thin gauge needle is inserted into your arm. Patients won't feel anything after the initial prick as the IV is hooked up to deliver a customized formula of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be at its best. 

Before your IV drip you'll be asked to share any relevant medical history and symptoms you'd like to address. And when it's cold and flu season, you can always get an immunity boost. 


What are the benefits of IV therapy? 

IV therapy can benefit people who are:  

  • Feeling low on energy 
  • Are deficient in specific nutrients 
  • Experiencing chronic pain 
  • Deficient in specific nutrients 
  • Looking for a boost to the skin, hair, and nails 

One of the biggest benefits of IV therapy is that it can help you achieve your wellness goals without the use of pharmaceuticals. A few of the nutrient boosts we offer include:  

  • The Immune Booster, which replenishes lost nutrients and increases antioxidant levels 
  • The Jolt for energy after an illness, to prep for a workout, or to improve your focus 
  • Rock-Meyer's Cocktail to help with symptoms of conditions including fibromyalgia, depression, migraines, narcotic withdrawal, and more 

Is IV therapy safe? 

IV therapy is safe. However, it is most beneficial when administered by an experienced practitioner who can assess your symptoms and recommend the right balance of nutrients. 

Because IV therapy is safe, you can schedule an appointment to receive it whenever you need a specific boost. Some patients choose to come in every two weeks if they are trying to maintain a specific wellness regimen or treat disease symptoms. Others choose to come in once a month. It can also be beneficial to come in during cold and flu season. 

Your specific regimen will depend on your goals and any vitamin deficiencies you're trying to treat. . 


Boost your health with IV therapy in Rockwall, TX 

IV therapy is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to take control of their wellness and feel they're not getting the nutrients they need from diet alone. It's a great alternative to supplements that can be hard for your body to absorb. 

If you'd like to learn more or get an assessment about which IV therapy cocktail is right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. William Fieldsmith today at Rockwall Rapid Care in Rockwall, TX.